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TERMS & AGREEMENTS   For Real-Estate

License and Usage

If you have paid in full, you have the rights to use the products.  You agree that the rights to use the products have been granted to only you.  You agree not to transfer or sub-license your rights to use the products, or the photo and video media contained therein, to anyone without written permission of the copyright holder, Benjamin Floyd.  

Your rights permit you to use the photographs, video, and other media for marketing purposes including the MLS.  For real estate, these rights are valid indefinitely, as long as you have the listing.  You have permission to continue to use the products for your own brand promotion indefinitely after a listing has sold.  

If a third party asks you for any of your rights to the products, you agree to refer them to Ben Floyd of Ben Floyd Photography.  If we agree to permit another party to use the products an additional licensing fee may be required.  Ben Floyd Photography agrees not to use the products in a way that interferes with your rights. 

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